Information page.

Please Note: There's no styling on this page so it will render in any browser.

The intention was to make this Thumbdrive standards compliant. So it would work on just about any reasonably modern PC.
To a greater extent I think we've achieved that but there are an awful lot of older browsers out there that fall short of the mark when it comes to compliance.

Especially if you have an older web browser, far better (and secure) alternatives are the free open source Firefox or Opera or Chrome which are available for just about every operating system and you are encouraged to at least give it a trial run.

We accept that it isn't possible to make the menu work with every PC, so regardless of browser functionality, you can still navigate to the "Sprats" folder and open the issue directly in Adobe Acrobat.


The club is indebted to a web designer who graciously placed his ideas in the public domain and the design of this collection was adapted from his ideas.

The original blue theme was designed by Abdussamad Abdurrazzaq who generously placed his design on and was used for the previous Sprat CD's. In version 9 we are using a golden theme.

The club would also wish to thank the volunteers who scanned the magazines and others who tested the final product.

Finally the club thanks the many members who send in their designs and ideas year after year for publication in Sprat.